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That any form of marketing could be construed as "noble" might be regarded as a little satirical, but blessed with a maiden name that was full of brand potential, Audrey Noble founded Noble Marketing in January 1994. Audrey’s career up to that point had been with AC Nielsen, working on the client side with mainly blue chip clients. To be fair, they weren’t all blue chip. Some were pale blue chip and some were muddy brown chip, but it was all good experience that stands her in good stead to this day. Why? Every marketing organisation today is positively swilling with data. Everyone has a product to sell and lots of data on existing and potential market places. If only they had time to make sense of it all. Particularly the data that flows in on a continuous basis. We specialise is analysising this continuous data. It can come out of a variety of diverse systems, but thankfully there are agencies like Nielsen and Information Resources who condense most of it into more manageable chunks. Even so, this still represents a forest of data, to be digested and trawled for insight. Our role to assist in that task. Some clients bring us in to create report systems that typically sit in Excel and use point and click to get to an appropriate chart, table or even self refreshing text. Other clients use us tactically, out sourcing analysis to us at time of peak workload. That takes us into NPD work, cross country analysis and category management.

Analysis for Trade and Marketing Decisions

We are a small but capable team, where everyone has at least 10 yrs experience analysising sales information. Having serviced a diverse range of clients over the years, we have encountered and tamed a wide variety of data sources. One thing we have chosen not to do is become a software vendor, either our own or anybody else’s. In our experience, most clients have quite enough software already. Generally what is required is to maximize existing systems and use a few new tricks in Excel to tie the whole thing together.


So thanks for visiting our site. Please have a look around and if you think we might be able to help you tame your data jungle, then please get in touch.”







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